Where It All Began

lyla hair mamako

Here I am, proud as punch outside of my first ever salon. Newfarm QLD!!! ZERO $$$ to my name and ready to tackle the world of biz ... 🤣

This pic was from Harpers Bazaar when I was featured as a Top 20 Colourists in QLD (Coming in a tidy 8th 😍)

TWENTY YEARS I have spent building a career within the hair industry.

Over TEN of those years I have spent building and selling my own salons. I have lived and breathed the hair industry and by gosh do I know it well!

It has brought me so much joy and also so much heartache. I have loved it and hated it all at the same time.

It has opened my world to a life I could not have imagined, as it has also held me back from making change.

I have met people that will stay in my life forever and those that have tried to tear me down.

For every hater that has made my career difficult there has been an army of lovers behind them making it all worth while (they all know who they are)!

As I stand today I will always support my industry and help others to reach their goals.

I will work towards towards mentoring more of you on how to approach both life, motherhood and business and I will share my mistakes so YOU can do better and not repeat them.

I have moved on to support other women in business as I have far too much knowledge and too many powerful contacts to not share with everyone that wants to grow and needs the supporting business.

My role is to lead those of you wanting to make positive change in your business and help you takes steps in the right direction.

I am NOT alone in this venture.

I am NOT advising from a position that I have not lived.

I would NOT do this without other professionals on board that are there to direct you and help you grow.

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