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100% Vegan, Made in Australia, Cruelty-Free, Certified Organic, SLF & Paraben-Free

Imagine you're in a hot bath, you've lit a candle, your favourite Mamako hair masque is on, you've poured your favourite drink and you're allowing yourself to enjoy your own company and time whilst blissfully unwinding from your day.

Enjoy spoiling yourself with these decadent hair care products knowing that they are made from delicious plant based, safe and organically sourced ingredients. Some of which are sourced from our beautiful Australian soils. 

How to order

Mamako is salon exclusive.

What does this mean for you?

As a luxury hair care range that prides itself on high end quality ingredients and dedication to our Mamako lovers, we truly believe that in order for you to get the best Mamako product for your hair, that it best prescribed to you via a professional.

This is why we have turned our brand over to the experts as they will best guide you on your hair needs. Online, you can purchase bulk items and refills and we will have one off cyber deals where you can get on and purchase any item of any size from the entire range. To keep up to date with any of our cyber deals, make sure you are subscribed to our email list.

For purchases head over to our stockist page and hit any of them up with an email/phone call or sneaky DM via their socials.